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School Librarian

School Librarian
St. Patrick School is seeking a part-time, certified, school librarian for grade levels Pre-K 3 - 6th Grade.


• Degree(s) in area of major study.

• Kind and amount of prior job experience.

Essential Functions:

Assists students in locating reference and other instructional materials, and in developing knowledge, skill and abilities to gain independence and fully utilize the library materials and resources.
Assists in reinforcement in reading, language arts, mathematics, computer instruction, media and other skills.
Works with students individually and in small groups to reinforce basic learning.
Operate audio visual equipment as needed.
Assist in cataloging and filing learning materials.
Constructs, copies, distributes and uses educational materials.
Serves as a reference guide forstudents.
Arranges book displays, exhibits and other items to provide an appropriate learning resource environment and maximize students' interest in reading and learning.
Assists with the selection of library materials and resources, and in weeding out old outdated materials and books.
Assists in the utilization and maintenance of instructional and non-instructional library equipment, including a personal computer if necessary.

Job Type: Part-time
Start Date
Contact Montse Frias
Phone: 6014826044
Fax: (601) 485-2762
2700 Davis Street, Meridian, Mississippi 39301