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Faith Devlopment

Faith Development
Faith Development is not only deepening one's faith, but developing a positive inner thought process, so that the students learn empathy, peace, love, friendship, and happiness within themselves, within their classmates, and within their faith.
Students at St. Patrick participate in weekly liturgy on Thursday. We believe this is a time for us to come together as a family and as a school to love and serve our Lord.
Students are actively involved in planning the weekly Eucharistic Liturgies on Thursday, and are actively involved in participation of the Mass. The students take part as lectors, alter servers, and gift bearers. Choir members also participate in the weekly Mass by leading students and members throughout the service. 
Mission Activities and Volunteer Work
Daily Religious instruction and participation in mission activities and other service oriented projects encourage growth within with students in becoming responsive to meeting the needs of others.
Every year, St. Patrick Catholic School volunteers for a project within the Meridian Community. During the 2017-2018 school year, the students volunteered for Loves Kitchen.
Our monthly 'Jeans for Greens' earnings benefited Children of Mississippi Hospital in Jackson, MS.
Sacramental Preparation
Catholic students receive sacramental preparation for First Communion. Through this journey, they develop a deeper understanding of their faith and are able to develop a personal relationship with our Parish Priest, Father Augustine. Sacramental Preparation for first communion is offered to our 2nd graders.